New Letterpressed Bookmarks

Posted on Apr 20, 2015 in Announcements, Bloodmark, Bloodrealms, Design

Letterpress bookmark
Letterpress Wolf
Letterpress paranormal bookmarks
Letterpress set
I officially have new bookmarks for Bloodmark and Bloodrealms! Designed, letterpressed and loved by yours truly. Takes a special kind of nerd for this kind of craft and I’m in luck I have a mini-helper too! I’m loving the bookmarks and feeling uber proud. It’s a darn good day with my little fella as he learns to run my letterpress. And also a very authentic me photo, no make-up, hair is wild and I’m wearing a hat. #MomLife #AuthorGlamour

As I’m working on the third book in the series, I find myself endlessly inspired looking at the breadth of the series and all the messages I’ve been able to share with my readers. I’m so excited to be part of your worlds and have you part of mine.

I can’t wait to share bookmarks with you all! Be sure to buy your friends and family their very own copies of Bloodmark and Bloodrealms and check out all the great reviews on Amazon already.

Sunshine and Rainbows!

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