Bloodmark Calendar Bloodmark Saga Wheel of the Year

The Bloodmark Calendar is a solar/lunar ritual calendar including seasonal festivals. The Elder Gods rule the celebrations of Beltaine, Lughnasadh, Samhain, and Imbolc with royal and nobel packs with the Tree of Life at the center.

Yule is the Winter Solstice and celebrates the rebirth of the sun. A ceremonious wild hunt is held under the winter sky.
Imbolc celebrates the beginning of Spring, half way between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It is a time for purification in anticipation of the year’s new life. Imbolc is ruled by the Vanir and their allies the Swiss Kingerly and Pohjola of Valhalla.
Ostara is on the Spring Equinox bringing fertility to the earth.
Beltaine the first day of summer, half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. It is a time of hand-fasting. Beltaine is ruled by the Irish Boru with the Welsh Kahedin and African Sylla packs.
Litha is the Summer Solstice. Litha is known as the fire festival.
Lughnasadh festival marks the beginning of the harvest season and is half way between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. Lughnasadh is ruled by the Scottish Killian with the Canadian Cree and Turkish Acar.
Mabon is the Autumn Equinox. A festival is celebrated in recognition of the need to share the harvest to secure the blessings of the Goddess during the coming winter months.
Samhain is the beginning of the dark months, half way between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice. Samhain is ruled by the Icelandic Dvergar with the Spanish Costas and Japanese Sasaki.

Bloodmark Glossary

Beltaine Gaelic festival halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.
Bloodmark A pack symbol tattooed in blood.
Bloodmoon A red moon that comes once during each season.
Bloodrealms Underground city in Valhalla.
Bloodsucker The clan of humans that hunt werewolves.
Carrowmore Carrowmore is one of the passage tomb cemetaries in Ireland. In Bloodmark they are the resting place of the humans in the battle of 4600 BCE.
Castle Reglan The home of the Kahedin pack in Wales.
The Dream The prophecy foretold by Calista Vanir.
Elder Gods The original werewolves.
Foresaken Packs Werewolves that broke their vows to Old Mother.
Hills of Tara Location of the Vanir and Dvergar battle commemorated by ancient monuments in Ireland.
Netherworlds Underground werewolf city in Canada.
M’ eudail Gaelic for ‘My dear’.
Mycenae An ancient Greek city and the home of the Vanir Pack.
Rock of Cashel The home of the Boru pack.
Samhain Gaelic festival marking the end of summer and the beginning of winter.
Tha gaol agam ort Gaelic for ‘I love you’.
Winter Solstice/Yule Gaelic festival for winter solstice.