Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet the Boru

Bloodmark Boru Patience of Nobility

Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet Ashling Boru

The Boru is an ancient pack of werewolves ruled by the high king, King Pørr Boru at the Rock of Cashel in Ireland. King Pørr and his mate Queen Nessa Vanir-Boru have four sons and one daughter. Eldest son Prince Flinn Boru is married to Bridgid XX and they have two sons. Prince Redmund (Mund) Boru is married to the eldest daughter of the Kahedin pack, Tegan. Prince Felan Boru married Cadence Kingerly and they have one son. Prince Quinn Boru is betrothed to Gwyn Kahedin. Princess Ashling Boru is the chosen one.

King Pørr Boru is the descendant of Donal Boru an Elder God and Queen Nessa Vanir-Boru is a daughter of Mother Rhea Vanir an Elder God.

The Boru Bloodmark is a two-headed wolf in a Celtic knotted heart on a field of red.